Bikes in Nectar Village

Bikes in Nectar Village

Bumblepuss was formally founded in 2008 by a number of veteran burners who had been camping with the Heebeegeebee Healers. Together these two camps joined together to begin to form Nectar Village. Since that time, Bumblepuss has always been part of Nectar Village. Nectar Village has been known at various times in its history to be busier than Center Camp with more bikes per square inch than anywhere else on the playa during the day!

The Ancient Art of Goat Slapping (a story)
(no goats harmed in the making of this ritual)

The art of the slapping goat that came from the 12th century is believed to be the misunderstood slapping art of goating.

However, at the turn of the 13th century the Munageen culture, of the far east, clearly defined why the proverbial goat is slapped and by whom. But how it later came to be adopted and changed by the English and later Europeans and even later by Americans remains questionable.

The Munageen realized that if a goat were slapped over and over again by a group or tribe member, then the goat would represent the hellish life of the tribe. It would also represent those unwilling to participate and the proverbial road they would be willing to travel. The redder the goat, the darker the road they were unwilling to travel.

In a series of thousands of slaps over a thousand day period the entire tribe would focus on this one goat. There is nothing to credit the theory that the Munageen ravaged the goat itself, but it is known that many tonics were drunk. For these 1000 days, good times were had and fires burned as the tribe would stay together in a sacred arena.

When the anthropologist Sir Fredrick Bartholomew Blackwell III of Norfolk Ireland encountered this action on his journeys, he knew he needed to bring them home. He later found that the goat could be replaced with a person dressed as a goat.

Dressing himself as the first “goat” in the first ritual of the modern man, he found the experience so enlightening that he promoted the slapping in lectures, shows, and later in his well known best-seller and award winning: “Goat Slapping, The Art, The Mayhem and the Love of Life.”

Blackwell, once a poor anthropologist interested in rituals, became one the most famous authors and statesmen as “Goats” began to be slapped across the English Channel into new territories.

It was from there, that goat slapping became what it is today.

The 2009 Goat

The 2009 Goat

In 2008, this ancient art rebirthed at Burning Man as the Bumblepuss Tribe gathered together and raised an effigy of a goat designed from a bag of wine and some fake fur (Bumbles are not cruel to animals so no real goat would ever be used). One-by-one each member of the tribe would slap it and drink the wine. Each time the members remembered to slap it again for luck.

Although the original meaning of this ritual has been completely lost, Bumblepuss has brought it back to life because it is udderly ridiculous.